▶ Who is LG Security
LG Electronics, a leading provider of business solutions, have been developing a wide range of advanced new security products and solutions that combine to provide a powerful Solution Intelligence.
▶ Security Solution
LG’s Solution Intelligence comprises advanced IP surveillance cameras, Video management Software, an enhanced hybrid DVR, and a surveillance monitor to enable reliable, effective and efficient management to help our customer’s business grow.
▶ Global Security reader
LG’s Solution Intelligence successfully demonstrates our technology leadership combined with the understanding that the security industry is moving away from passive monitoring towards preemptive management to help customer’s business success. We are confident this Solution Intelligence will help our customers achieve their business goals by providing proactive measures and convenient remote management.LG security will continue to create security solutions that meet customer needs while advancing the industry as a whole.
▶ History
■ Enter Security Business
□ 1999 Analog Camera, Zoom Module
□ 2004 PC DVR, SA DVR, Entry-level SI H/W R&D capability & manufacturing
■ Build Core Capability “Focus on S/W and H/W R&D”

□ 2007 XDI ISP

□ 2009 XDI-S2 ISP, IP camera, CMS, Enterprise-level SI System Architecting
■ Proactive Business Expansion
□ 2011 XDI-II ISP (650TVL, WDR, 3D-DNR, EIS)
1,2,3 Megapixel IP Camera
Hybrid DVR(IP 2ch + Analog 16ch)
□ 2012 XDI-V ISP (700TVL, 2D+3D DNR, Coaxial Comm.)
Megapixel Hybrid DVR(IP max 16ch), NVR(IP 24ch)
Video Management Suite
12&4 Bay Storage Server

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