Founded in 2006, ZAVIO has been one of the earlier surveillance companies focusing purely on IP. We have come a long way since then, and are now proud to present a wide range of new products that reflect our dedication to innovation, quality and continuous improvement. We do not aim to be a leader on specifications, but to provide the best value for the money to our customers, and more importantly, we put customer service as our first priority. This is why major brands worldwide have also chosen ZAVIO as their OEM/ODM partner, and helped to make ZAVIO one of the world’s largest true manufacturers of IP cameras.
If you need IP cameras or surveillance solution that delivers superior video image quality, has durable product performance and is cost-effective than most, the ZAVIO surveillance products are the perfect choice for you.

Superior Image Quality
From the beginning, ZAVIO have been working on technology that can provide superior video image quality of network cameras. From a technical viewpoint, it is based on three points:

Advanced image algorithms and image processing technology
Progressive audio/ video compression technology
Careful selection of appropriate image sensors, lenses and excellent integration capability.
With these features, that’s why many customers are surprised by the image quality of ZAVIO’s products as they experience it directly.

It’s always an important topic if a technical company can provide better and easy-to-use products for customers. Since our web-based video management software, EZvuu, was introduced in 2011, “Easy-to-Install” and “Easy-to-Use” are the missions ZAVIO wants to achieve. And in the near future, you will see more ZAVIO products with this concept and make surveillance operation easy for everyone.

Professional and Valuable
ZAVIO aims at making IP cameras and surveillance solutions widely available and affordable by offering simple, durable and on-demand solutions that bring quality to the larger scope of users.

ZAVIO’s Features & Benefits
ZAVIO has quickly obtained worldwide recognition for its innovative design and advanced technology in network video camera integration.
Superior video image quality
High-quality and reliable product performance
Advanced integration technology and R&D capability
Providing innovative and user-friendly solution
Quick response to market requirements
World-leading platform development and latest technology application
Think integration and interoperation
Superior video image quality

ZAVIO- a member of ONVIF
Established in 2008, ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is an independent, non-profit organisation with the purpose of creating an open platform for the IP surveillance industry. The ONVIF specification defines a common protocol for the exchange of information between IP-based products regardless of brands or manufacturers.

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