GPS navigator NTECH

Rp 800.000



ystem: Microsoft Windows CE.NET 5.0
Processor: Centrality Atlas VI 533MHz,High Speed ARM926J
Memory: 64MB NAND Flash 4.3” TFT Screen
Location accuracy: 3-10m.90% accuracy
Antenna sensitivity: 0.1m/s
Navigation software: support WIN_CE5.0 system,
Audio: play audio in MP3/WMA/PCM format, play modes include sequence, random, repeat; speaker and earphone jack output
Video: play video in MP4/ASF/WMV/AVI/DIVX format (maximum resolution 480*272; can play in full screen and playing progress is adjustable
Browse photo in the Format of BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF etc. support maximum resolution up to 2500*2500
Memory slot: 1GB-8GB SDK
System upgrade: upgrade online via SD card
Audio output: built-in 2W speaker and earphone jack
Power: built-in 3.7V Li battery, common USB 5v adapter or in car adapter

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