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jual cctv cpplus. Merk brand internasional. Analog Kamera, IP Kamera, PTZ Kamera, HD SDI, HD TVI, DVR, NVR, Alarm, Akses Kontrol, Video Conference. Harga murah.

jual cctv cpplus

Company Introduction
CP PLUS GmbH & Co. KG., an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is a global leader in electronic security products, having presence in over 70 countries. Versatile, Robust and State-of-the-art technology products under CP PLUS brand bring together quality and performance. Products designed by our experienced engineers are manufactured under strict quality control in accordance with International Standards. Our products are preferred by Security experts and consultants worldwide for their prestigious projects. Every product sold under our brand is certified by our QC team at CP PLUS Teknologix Labs for workmanship and functionality.

CP PLUS – The Global Leader in Advanced Surveillance & Security Solution, takes its roots from  in Germany in Year 2007, with vision and commitment to make Surveillance Security Solution simpler and affordable. The comprehensive range of products & solutions are monitoring & securing millions of locations across the globe in diverse geographies, from highly sensitive Defense locations, Government Buildings, Vital Infrastructures to Transportation, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational institutes to Homes, with highly satisfied customer base.

Today, CP PLUS is the youngest & fastest company to enter the club of Top 7 Security Companies of the world and it also has been ranked amongst Asia’s Top 3 Security & Surveillance Brands, as per Latest IHS Survey. CP PLUS success is attributed largely due to its strong R&D, wide range and its open ear policy to listen to its customers, thereby delivering them, the best Value Proposition& Solutions. CP PLUS products pass through strict quality control tests and carry international certifications such as UL, CE, FCC etc. Our internationally recognized ISO quality certifications assures that CP PLUS has the essential processes and systems in place to meet the most daunting & demanding requirements of the Global Security Industry. CP PLUS has been constantly putting effort for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system and has been certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013. Recently CP PLUS has been awarded with Excellence Leadership Award  on India Video Surveillance Growth from Frost & Sullivan, first time in Security Industry.

CP PLUS adalah produk branded dari German, yang memang fokus pada Security Solutions dengan produk – produk yang reliable pada segmen : CCTV CAMERA (Analog), DVR, IP Camera, NVR, Video Door Phone (Analog & IP Based), HOME / OFFICE Automation System, Attendance System, dan aksesorisnya. CP Plus memang bisa dibilang tergolong baru untuk market Indonesia khususnya Jakarta. Namun Brand Kami punya kekuatan pasar untuk beberapa negara-negara di ASIA PACIFIC. Semua produk-produk CP Plus bergaransi 2 (Dua Tahun) Parts Replace bahkan untuk khusus HDCVI Camera kami bergaransi 3(tiga) tahun, dimana ini juga menjadi kekuatan kami di pangsa pasar Indonesia.
Didukung oleh team Support, baik Pra-Jual dan Purna-Jual yang kompeten dari team kami, kami siap untuk memberikan kenyamanan partner-partner kami dalam menjalankan/memasarkan produk-produk CP Plus.


1CP-GC-HD10L2-0280IR Dome720p/1MP2.8~12mm20M469560
2CP-GC-HD10L2-0360IR Dome720p/1MP3.6mm20M397320
3CP-GC-HT10L2-0360Metal Bullet720p/1MP3.6mm20M577640
4CP-GC-HT10L3Metal Bullet720p/1MP3.6mm30M649880
5CP-GTC-D10L2IR Dome720p/1MP3.6mm20M396597.6
6CP-GTC-D10L3IR Dome720p/1MP6mm30M536743.2
7CP-GTC-D10FL4VF IR Dome720p/1MP2.8~12mm40M975240
10CP-GTC-T10FL5VF Bullet720p/1MP2.8~12mm50M1170288
11CP-GTC-D20L2IR Dome1080p/2MP3.6mm20M631377.6
12CP-GTC-D20L3IR Dome1080p/2MP6mm30M771523.2
13CP-GTC-D20FL4VF IR Dome1080p/2MP2.8-12mm40M1210020
16CP-GTC-T20FL5VF Bullet1080p/2MP2.8-12mm50M1405068
17CP-VCG-D10L2V1-0360IR Dome720p/1MP3.6mm20M397320
19CP-VCG-D13L2IR Dome960p/1.3MP3.6mm20M541800
21CP-VCG-D20L2IR Dome1080p/2MP3.6mm20M721560
22CP-VCG-D20L3IR Dome1080p/2MP6mm30M866040
23CP-VCG-D20FL4VF IR Dome1080p/2MP2.8~12mm40M1271200
26CP-VCG-T20FL5VF Bullet1080p/2MP2.8~12mm50M1515920
27CP-VCG-SD10L2IR Dome720p/1MP3.6mm20M396598
28CP-VCG-SD10L3IR Dome720p/1MP6mm30M536743
29CP-VCG-SD10FL4VF IR Dome720p/1MP2.8~12mm40M975240
32CP-VCG-ST10FL5VF Bullet720p/1MP2.8~12mm50M1170288
33CP-VCG-SD20L2IR Dome1080p/2MP3.6mm20M631378
34CP-VCG-SD20FL4VF IR Dome1080p/2MP2.8-12mm40M1210020
37CP-VCG-ST20FL5VF Bullet1080p/2MP2.8-12mm50M1405068
38 CP-VCG-ST20R5Bullet1080p/2MP8mm2 Array1402178
39CP-UNC-DA10L3SIR Dome25fps@720p3.6mm
opt: 2.8mm
Dome IR
opt: 2.8mm
41CP-UNC-TA10L3SBullet IR25fps@720p3.6mm
opt: 2.8mm
Dome IR
43CP-UNC-DA30L3S-V2Dome IR25fps@3MP3.6mm30mD-WDRIP671986600
Dome IR
45CP-UNC-TA30L3S-V2Bullet IR25fps@3MP3.6mm30mD-WDRIP672058840
46CP-UNC-TA30L5S-V2Bullet IR25fps@3MP50mD-WDRIP671986600
Dome IR
48CP-ER-H0804P18 Ch4 Ch720p: 8Ch@12fps, 1080N: 8Ch@12fps, 720p: 4Ch@12fps, 1080N: 4Ch@12fps1 SATA1986040
49CP-ER-H0804K18 Ch4 Ch1080N: 8Ch@25fps, 1080p: 8Ch@12fps, 1080N: 8Ch@25fps,1080p: 8Ch@12fps1 SATA2744560
50CP-ER-H1606P216 Ch6 Ch720p: 16Ch@12fps 1080N: 16Ch@12fps, 720p: 16Ch@12fps2 SATA4694480
51CP-ER-H1604K216 Ch4 Ch 1080N: 16Ch@25fps 1080p: 16Ch@12fps, 1080N: 16Ch@25fps 1080p: 16Ch@12fps2 SATA6211240
52CP-ER-H0404K1 4 Ch4 Ch1080N: 16Ch@25fps 1080p: 16Ch@12fps, 1080N: 4Ch@25fps 1080p: 4Ch@12fps1 SATA1841560
53CE-ER-0404E1-T4 Ch4 Ch.1080 Lite: 4Ch@25fps1 SATA1300320
54CE-ER-0804E1-T8 Ch4 Ch.1080 Lite: 8Ch@12fps1 SATA1806000
55CE-ER-1602E1-T16 Ch2 Ch.1080 Lite: 16ch@12fps1 SATA3323040
56CP-ER-0404K1-T4 Ch4 Ch.1080p Lite: 4Ch.@25fps; 1080p: 4Ch.@12fps1 SATA1842120
57CP-ER-0804K1-T8 Ch4 Ch.1080p Lite: 8Ch.@25fps; 1080p: 8Ch.@12fps1 SATA2672880
58CP-ER-1602K1-T16 Ch2 Ch.1080p Lite: 16ch@25fps; 1080p: 16ch@12fps1 SATA4912320
59CE-ER-0404E2-T4 Ch4 Ch1080 Lite: 4Ch@25fps2 SATA2492280
60CE-ER-0808E2-T8 Ch8 Ch1080 Lite: 8Ch@12fps2 SATA3034080
61CE-ER-1606E2-T16 Ch6 Ch1080 Lite: 16ch@12fps2 SATA4551120
62CP-ER-0404K2-T4 Ch4 Ch.1080p Lite: 4Ch.@25fps; 1080p: 4Ch.@12fps2 SATA2997960
63CP-ER-0808K2-T8 Ch8 Ch.1080p Lite: 8Ch.@25fps; 1080p: 8Ch.@12fps2 SATA3828720
64CP-ER-1604K2-T16 Ch6 Ch.1080p Lite: 16ch@25fps; 1080p: 16ch@12fps2 SATA6068160
65CP-UVR-0401E14 Ch1 Ch720P@Realtime 1080p@12fps- Without button front panel and no Remote.1 SATA2022160
66CP-UVR-0801E1-V38 Ch1 Ch720P@15fps 1080N@12fps - Without button front panel and no Remote.1 SATA2744560
67CP-UVR-0801K1-V38 Ch1 Ch720P@25fps, 1080N@25fps, 1080P@15fps1 SATA3972360
68CP-UVR-1601E1-V316 Ch1 Ch720P@15fps, 1080N@12fps - Without button front panel and no Remote.1 SATA4261040
69CP-UVR-1601E2-V316 Ch1 Ch720P@15fps, 1080N@12fps - Without button front panel and no Remote2 SATA6139000
70CP-UVR-1601K1-V316 Ch1 Ch720P@25fps, 1080N@25fps, 1080P@15fps1 SATA6861120
71CP-UVR-1604K2-V316 Ch1 Ch720P@25fps, 1080N@25fps, 1080P@15fps2 SATA8666560
72CP-UVR-0401E1-S4 Ch.1 Ch.720P@25fps; 1080N@25fps1 SATA1911470
73CP-UVR-0401K1-S4 Ch.1 Ch.720P@25fps; 1080N@25fps; 1080P@15fps1 SATA2730672
74CP-UVR-0801E1-S8 Ch.1 Ch.720P@15fps; 1080N@12fps1 SATA2730672
75CP-UVR-0801K1-S8 Ch.1 Ch.720P@25fps ; 1080N@25fps; 1080P@15fps1 SATA4056998
76CP-UVR-0804K2-V38 Ch.4 Ch.720P@15fps, 1080N@25fps ; 1080P@15fps2 SATA6447420
77CP-UVR-1601E1-S16 Ch.1 Ch.720P@15fps; 1080N@12fps1 SATA4291056
78CP-UVR-1601E2-S16 Ch.1 Ch.720P@15fps; 1080N@12fps2 SATA6007478
79CP-UVR-1601K1-S16 Ch.1 Ch.720P@25fps ; 1080N@25fps ; 1080P@15fps1 SATA7021728
80CP-UVR-1604K2-S16 Ch.4 Ch.720P@25fps ; 1080N@25fps ; 1080P@15fps2 SATA8343720
81CP-UVR-3201E232Ch.1 Ch.720P@15fps2 SATA5959800
82CP-UVR-3201K232 Ch.1 Ch.720P@15fps2 SATA6068160
83CP-UNR-104F14 Ch24Mbps/24Mbps2Ch@1080, 4Ch@720p1 SATA1805440
84CP-UNR-108F18 Ch56Mbps/56Mbps2Ch@1080, 4Ch@720p1 SATA2166640
85CP-UNR-408T18 Ch128Mbps/128Mbps5MP@2Ch, 3MP@4Ch, 1080p@4Ch, 720@4Ch1 SATA3525312
86CP-UNR-408T2N8 Ch128Mbps/128Mbps5MP@2Ch, 3MP@4Ch, 1080p@4Ch, 720@4Ch2 SATA5055680
87CP-UNR-416T116 Ch128Mbps/128Mbps5MP@2Ch, 3MP@4Ch, 1080p@4Ch, 720@4Ch1 SATA4059888
88CP-UNR-416T2N16 Ch128Mbps/128Mbps5MP@2Ch, 3MP@4Ch, 1080p@4Ch, 720@4Ch2 SATA5561080
89CP-UNR-432T2N32 Ch128Mbps/128Mbps5MP@2Ch, 3MP@4Ch, 1080p@4Ch, 720@4Ch2 SATA6283200
90CP-UNR-204T1-V24 Ch.80Mbps/80Mbps1 SATA1900934
91CP-UNR-208T1-V28 Ch.80Mbps/80Mbps1 SATA2297232
92CP-UNR-408T2-P88 Ch.
8 Ports PoE
128Mbps/128Mbps5MP@2Ch, 3MP@4Ch, 1080p@8Ch, 720@8Ch2 Sata9188928

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