LCD Wireless & Wired GSM Alarm

Rp 2.452.300


LCD Wireless&Wired GSM SMS Home Office Security Alarm System 107 Zone
1.Apply advanced mobile communication technology,support SMS and dialing alarm.
2.8 wired defense zones and 99 wireless defense zones.
4.LCD display.Built-in clock.Operate easily.
5.Sound prompt for all operations.
6.SMS prompt automatically about low power of battery.
7.Frekuensi 433Mhz
8.Built-in intercom horn,walkie talkie can be realized.
9.Built-in wireless transmitting module,could be coding with wireless siren and appliance.
10.1 group of timely Arm and Disarm timing function.
11.Can store 6 group of phone numbers:when alarming,system will makes alarm call to these numbers automatically.
12.Can store 2 group of SMS numbers:when alarming,system will send alarming SMS to these numbers automatically.
13.Can store 2 alarm center telephones.
14.10 seconds recording.
15.Built-in artificial intelligent digital voice announcer.
16.Built-in SMS message,could be send alarm message automatically when alarm.
17.Users can make calls by using keypad on alarm panel,just like a telephone.
18.One-key-control function:Out Arm,Home Arm,Remote Arm.
19.Real-time,delay.24 hours,by pass defense zones programming function.
20.Wireless coding:easy to add additional wireless accessories.
21.Remote control arm,disarm,montior,and intercom by phone.
22.Event Log Query:host automatically records 40 pcs of all information concerning

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