Sensor Asap / Smoke Detector

Rp 200.000


Smoke alarm ini dapat di sambungkan dengan HOME SECURITY ALARM via wireless, sehingga saat smoke detector mendeteksi asap maka unit akan mengirimkan signal via wireless ke unit utama (HOME SECURITY ALARM) dan selanjutnya unit utama akan mengirimkan SMS atau MENELPON nomor HP anda. HOME Security alarm dapat menampung hingga 100 unit sensor.

Product Features:
Photoelectronic detector
Ceiling mounted, easy to instal.
Low consumption CMOS micro-processor
Special design for dampproof.
Independent/networking/wireless output( optional)
Manual set/manual reset.
Pedion PCB technology.
High reliability and stability.
Ultra-thin constructed design.
Anti-dust and light intereference.
Technical Parameter:

Working voltage : 9VDC/12VDC.
Static current : 10uA.
Alarm current : 10-30uA.
Sensitivity thickness to smoke:according with u1217 standard, the test valu 3.2%.inch, detector alarm.
Working environment : -10~50
Sound level : 85dB/10inch
Output wired: sound and flash on site. after eliminating, shutdown automatically.
Output wireless: alarm emission frequency : 315 MHZ.
Wireless emission distance : 50M, customizable.


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