Rp 4.400.000



Advanced Hybrid System PBX

Built-in Voice Message (BV) (Optional Caller ID card required)
Fixed Line SMS Terminal Support (Optional Caller ID card required)
Caller ID Display on SLT (Optional Caller ID card required)
3-level Automated Attendant (AA)
PC Programming
Automatic Configuration for Outside (CO) Line Type
Advanced Hybrid System
Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
Call Forwarding
Emergency Call
5-Party Conference
Room Monitor
Station Massage Detail Recording (SMDR)
Account Code
Toll Restriction
Electronic Station Lock
Limited Call Duration
Battery Beckup Interface (Built – in)

Total Number of Trunks : 8
Trunk (Physical Trunk Card) : 8
Total Number of Extension : 24
Extension (Physical Extension Card) : 24
Telephone : 24
SLT : 24
APT : 16
DSS Console : 2
Voice Processing System (VPS) : 2
Doorphone : 4
Door Opener : 4